Parasailing Tour Manuel Antonio

Parasailing Manuel Antonio

Talk about beautiful scenic views, the Parasailing Tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica offers you the chance to see the rich coast of Manuel Antonio from a completely different point of view, one that will leave you amazed.  You want to enjoy a unique adventure, we recommend the parasailing tour.  


Highest Safety Standard

The great thing about this Parasailing Activity is that you don´t have to have any previous parasailing skill to get on the Amazing Ride.  The Staff is very friendly and will guide you through the entire Parasailing Tour. 

You will be in a safe harness that will make you feel comfortable and secure so you can enjoy the time you are up in the air. 


View The Rich Coast of Manuel Antonio

You will be able to view the entire rich coast of Manuel Antonio, all from an angle that nobody else has the opportunity to see.  Manuel Antonio has amazing lush mountains which are visible from the Parasailing Adventure.

I can guarantee you that what you will see during the Parasailing Excursion will make you fall even more in love with Costa Rica. 


The place of take off.

The actual departure is done from the Manuel Antonio Beach called Playa Espadilla.  This is where you will meet up with your guide and you will receive a brief explanation on the safety instructions. 

Things To Do in Manuel Antonio offers only the Best Parasailing Service for you at the lowest price.  Our goal here is to make sure you get on the Best Activities in Manuel Antonio but at the same time we like to give you the best deals possible, so you can save money while you are booking excursions.


Prices & Booking Options 


Regular Parasailing Ride:  About 12-15 minutes. Includes transportation from hotels or Villa in Manuel Antonio and Quepos. 

SINGLE:  One person flying:  $85

DOUBLE:  Two people flying together:  $140

TRIPLE:  Three people flying together:  $185

Luxury Parasailing Ride:  About 30 minutes.  Includes transportation from hotels or Villa in Manuel Antonio and Quepos. 

SINGLE:  One person flying:  $140

DOUBLE:  Two people flying together:  $210

TRIPLE:  Three people flying together:  $260


What is included in the Parasailing Tour?

Included in the parasailing adventure tour is round trip transportation from the area of Manuel Antonio & Quepos, plus fruits, snacks and drinks.   


Fun Parasailing

Frequently Asked Questions About The Parasailing Adventure



What do I need to bring when I go parasailing?

For the parasailing tour, you need a bathing suit, towels are a good idea, but it is not necessary, and if you have it, a water proof camera. 


Is Transportation Included from my Hotel or Villa?

Yes, the parasailing tours include round trip transportation.  We will pick you up where you are staying and take you directly to our Parasailing Spot.  When you are all done, we will take you back to your accommodation.

If you have your own car, we select a meeting point and from there you can follow us, this way we make sure you don’t get lost.


What if I can`t swim, I am still able to go Parasailing?

Yes, you can enjoy Parasailing even if you don`t know how to swim.  To get started with the Parasailing Tour, you are strapped into a safety harness and from there you will make a very short run to begin the take off. You will be wearing a life vest during the entire Parasailing Tour. 

When you land, one of our Guides will be waiting for you at the beach to make sure you have a safe and easy landing. 


Do you offer photos of the Parasailing Tour?

Yes, there is a photo package provided for the Parasailing Activity.  These photos are very high quality taken with an excellent Camera. You can receive the photos via Email or through a SD Card. 


Do I have to be in great shape to go Parasailing?

No, you don`t have to be in great shape to go Parasailing.  In fact, over the years, we have taken many customers of different weights, age and disabilities on our Parasailing Adventure.  You do not require any previous knowledge to go Parasailing. 

If you suffer from a very specific health condition, please send us an email before you book the Parasailing Tour.  We will try to accommodate to your every need.