Jet Ski Tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Enjoy the Jet Ski Tour with Things To Do in Manuel Antonio. Go with the most reliable Jet Ski Rentals in Manuel Antonio.

A Fun Jet Ski Tour in Manuel Antonio

The Jet Ski Tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is another frequently booked excursion because of the adrenaline you feel while going fast on the water.  Plus, you are looking at the beautiful coast of Manuel Antonio.

The Jet Ski Rental Adventure consist of riding around the coast of Manuel Antonio.  The Jet Ski Guide will take you to one of the most secluded beaches of the Manuel Antonio National Park where you can enjoy a refreshing swim and take in all of the beautiful scenery. 

You can reserve a 1 person Jet Ski or a 2 person Jet Ski. It is without a doubt a lot of fun to ride the Jet Ski and the best thing is that you don´t have to be an experienced rider.  The Jet Ski Rentals are very easy to drive and have a safety belt so if you do fall into the water, the Jet Ski will automatically be shut down. 

The Jet Ski Rental Tour is the perfect way to spend a fun day out at sea.

Jet Ski Tour Rental Information:

Tour times:

7:30,  10:30,   1:30,   and 3:30   (hotel pickup times vary depending on location and are approximately 30 mins before tour time)


Jet Ski Rental Prices

Single jet ski one person   $130    

Double jet Ski two people  $160  

The total length of time is 2 Hours for the Jet Ski Rental Tour.

This is a guided jet ski and snorkeling tour in Manuel Antonio park and surrounding beaches.  The tour leaves  from Marina Pez Vela in Quepos.  


What you might see on the tour: 

Tropical fish, turtles, dolphin and whales when in season. Occasionally, even monkeys in the park beaches.


What to bring:

Towel, sunscreen, bathing suit, waterproof camera or gopro, cellphone with waterproof case.


What is included:

Transportation from Quepos/Manuel Antonio hotel or private home to Marina and return transport.  Guide, life jackets, snorkels and masks, bottled water and tropical fruit snack served on the tour.

The Jet Ski Tour is a fun and great way to spend the day out on the water.

A chance to get up close with the Dolphins

A big part of the Jet Ski Tour is trying to search for Dolphins.  There are two very popular species of Dolphins that are frequently found in the coast of Manuel Antonio which are: The Bottle Nose Dolphin and the Spotted Dolphin.  When the Jet Ski Guide spots a group of dolphins, you will slowly try to get close enough to get an amazing view of the dolphins Swimming and Jumping. 


A Friendly & Bilingual Staff

The tour guides for the Jet Ski Tour in Manuel Antonio are very friendly and extremely professional.  They will give you a brief safety instruction before you begin the actual Jet Ski Adventure. 

Reliable & Fast Jet Ski Rentals

With Things To Do in Manuel Antoni you get on the Best & Most Reliable Jet Skies provided for you to have the best time out on the water.  That last thing you want is for the Jet Ski to have any mechanical problems while you are having a good time which is why we will only put you on the most reliable Jet Skies.


The Jet Ski Rental Departs from the Marina Pez Vela. 

If you are wondering where the Jet Ski Tour begins, the place is Marina Pez Vela which is in Quepos, located about 5 minutes from Manuel Antonio.  Here at the Marina Pez Vela is where you will find the various Jet Ski Rentals for you to choose from and where you will being the fun Jet Ski Adventure.