Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The catamaran tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a must to do excursion.  They take you around the Manuel Antonio National Park and its surrounding beaches.  There is also a common sight seeing of the Bottle Nose Dolphins, a wide variety of birds and other marine life. The boat has professional captain and tour guides which are there to explain the area and its history.  The boat is also equipped with snorkeling equipment for adults and kids.


Price Per Person: Morning Tour: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.    $75 P/P

Price Per Person: Afternoon Tour: 12:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.    $80 P/P

The tour consist of:

4 hour tour around the coastline of Manuel Antonio

Pass by Mogotes Island, Olocuilta Island, Punta Catedral and Manuel Antonio National Park.

We usually encounter lots of wildlife, including :dolphins, marine birds and sea turtles. Ocassional whales are seen during their migratory season. Of course, being that they’re all wild animals, sightings are unpredictable.  

40 min Snorkeling session.

The tour includes:

Food: Rice, Vegetables, Fish or chicken.

Drinks: Soda Pops / Natural drinks.

Cocktails  (Beer is $2). 

Snorkeling equipment included for the tour.

Round trip transportation, provided in the Manuel Antonio, Quepos area.

Bilingual crew.

A description of the catamaran tour

By now you are probably wondering the details of the catamaran coastal cruise in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  The first part is by picking you up at your Hotel or Villa.  Afterwards, you are brought down to the Marina Pez Vela where you will be greeted by the staff of the catamaran tour who will take you to the boat.  Once you are aboard, you will receive a short safety instruction by your guide.   

The cruise will start by visiting the beaches of the Manuel Antonio National Park.  The crew on the boat will then go searching for dolphins and other marine life.  Typically this can be noticed by flying birds as they represent a signal of activity underwater.  Once you have had the opportunity to see marine life, you will then go snorkeling in a nearby reef.  This reef provides a wonderful variety of small reef fish for you to see.   You don`t have to worry about brining your own snorkeling equipment, as this is provided for you during the catamaran tour.   

Some people decide to stay near the boat because it has a waterslide and when the boat is stopped, you can take advantage of the waterslide on the back to slide into the pacific ocean. 

When you are done snorkeling, it will be time to serve you the complete meal provided during the cruise.  This meal is rice, fish and vegetables.  Everything is prepared fresh on the boat during the cruise, so nothing is frozen.   There is a chef on the boat who is responsible for preparing the meal for you. 

The beautiful coast of Manuel Antonio is sure to cause a great first impression.  The catamaran tour gives you a great view of the entire coast of Manuel Antonio, one that you can´t get from other activities.  This is a great tour to enjoy being out at sea and a fantastic way of relaxing and take in all of the gorgeous scenery. 


You also have the option of Booking a Private Catamaran Tour

The regular catamaran tour is where you go with other guests on the boat but there is also the option of booking a Private Catamaran Tour if this is something that you are interested in doing, you can send us an email which how many people are in your group and we will get back to you with a quote for the private catamaran cruise.   This is the most exclusive way of cruising around the coast of Manuel Antonio as it would be just you and your group on the boat.   

The boat departs from the Marina Pez Vela

Most of our guests stay in Manuel Antonio which is just 5 minutes away from the Marina Pez Vela in Quepos.   The catamaran boats are docked at the Marina Pez Vela which is about a 7 year old Marina built to make boating easier here in Quepos, Costa Rica. 


The Catamaran Tour is Very Safe

For those who haven`t been cruising on a catamaran boat, let me be the first to say that it is extremely safe.  The entire catamaran tour in Manuel Antonio is always staying close to shore and the boat goes at a very slow speed.  The catamaran boats are also equipped with life jackets and all of the safety equipment.   

The Following Video Provides The Details of the Catamaran Tour

Tour Details